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George Estes

Studio Manager

“I can't be more happy about it! It's streamlined our appointment scheduling, heavily reduced administrative work, and improved our overall efficiency.”


Vivian Casey

Tattoo Artist

“I like it. It's efficient, flexible, and it allows me to create a more organized and professional experience for my clients.”


Philip Grant

Social Media Specialist

“Calendsa has made it possible to enhance the client experience for us. It's intuitive and comfortable to use.”


Azaan Miles

Tattoo Artist

“It's made managing our studio much smoother. Our artists love the client info feature as they can store sketches there.”

Ink-redible branding for your studio

Create a unique and unforgettable identity for your tattoo studio with online booking software. Add your own logo and use brand colors to create a professional and consistent image. Showcase your portfolio, services, and prices to attract new clients and establish your brand as a one-of-a-kind destination for tattoos.

And the best part? Clients can view your studio's portfolio and book appointments anytime, anywhere - talk about a 24/7 booking!

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Every tattoo is a story you etch

The software can store detailed information about each customer, such as created draft designs, size and placement of the tattoo, skin type and any medical concerns of the client. This helps to ensure that the tattoo artist has all the necessary information to provide the best possible service and avoid misunderstandings.

Plus keeping a record of each client's tattoo journey can be helpful in building long-term relationships with your clients.

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Remind them to get a new masterpiece

Streamline communication with your clients by sending automated notifications. Clients can receive appointment reminders via email or text message, reducing the likelihood of missed appointments. In addition, notifications can also be sent to team members, ensuring that they are aware of any new bookings or changes to existing appointments.

This helps to ensure that the studio runs smoothly and efficiently, freeing up time for the tattoo artists to focus on their work.

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