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Many hands make light work

With Calendsa's comprehensive team scheduling solution, each team profile is equipped with a personal calendar and an individual booking page link. Your team members can easily set their availability, block off time slots, and customize their schedules according to their preferences and availability.

Even with our free plan, you can enjoy adding as many team members as you wish, at no cost. Just get started and experience the benefits of team autonomy and streamlined scheduling right away.

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Assign roles to your team members

Be flexible, assigning team members with customizable access levels, controlling what settings and calendars each team member can view and edit. For example, assign access to all team calendars to receptionists who require a broader perspective and give full access privileges, including comprehensive control over account settings, to your admins.

By offering different access levels, Calendsa allows you to tailor team permissions according to their roles and responsibilities, which promotes a streamlined workflow and reduces the risk of errors.

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Individual service menu links for team members

Allow your team members to share their own service menu links on social media platforms. This approach expands the reach of your salon beyond its official channels when employees promote their service menus on their personal profiles, helping them establish their personal brand within the industry and enhancing the salon's visibility at the same time.

This approach encourages a collaborative environment where team members support each other by sharing and promoting their colleagues' services, contributing to a positive work culture.

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