Sync Calendsa with your calendars

Centralize all appointments in one place by synchronizing team calendars from Google, Apple, or Microsoft Outlook.

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No time or user limit on free plan.

2-way calendar synchronization

See the full picture with 2-way calendar sync

Unify your events with Calendsa by enabling seamless two-way synchronization with popular calendars such as Google, Apple and Microsoft Outlook. Bring together all the appointments into one centralized location, ensuring easy access and streamlined organization.

No more hassle of switching between platforms or struggling to keep track of multiple calendars.

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Sync all your team members calendars

By syncing all team member calendars from external apps, you create a centralized hub, ensuring smooth coordination and minimizing scheduling conflicts. Changes made in any of the integrated calendars are instantly reflected across all connected devices and applications.

With synced calendars, your team members can access their schedules from their preferred applications and devices.

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Say goodbye to double booking and conflicts

Ensure optimal scheduling accuracy and avoid overlapping appointments as real-time synchronization eliminates the risk of double bookings, ensuring that only one appointment can be scheduled for a specific time slot.

The calendar sync allows you to see overlapping events and appointments across all calendars, helping you make informed scheduling decisions and avoid conflicts.

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Scheduling made simple

Get started with the premier scheduling platform in seconds – for free.