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Contact centers using Calendsa


Oleksandra Klimenko

Contact Center Manager

“The way we handle customer interactions has changed drastically. Calendsa allows us to optimize teaming levels based on predicted call volumes, which reduces both overteaming and underteaming scenarios.”


Irina Novik

Contact Center Manager

“Our sales support team relies on Calendsa to manage client consultations and product demos. And it’s become the backbone of our workforce management strategy.”


Felix Schmidt

Technical Support Specialist

“For our technical support team, the online scheduling software has become a lifeline. Customers can easily schedule support calls, and our team can allocate resources efficiently.”


Nisha Gupta

Workforce Management Specialist

“Optimizing our workforce and ensuring that agents are available when needed is crucial. Calendsa enables us to forecast demand and schedule breaks more efficiently.”


Celeste Hansen

Customer Service Representative

“We like that the data analytics feature provides insights into peak call times and areas for improvement, contributing to a more effective and customer-centric experience!”


Camilla Rossi

Training and Development Coordinator

“The system's flexibility allows agents to choose training slots that suit their schedules, fostering a more engaged and empowered team.”

Streamlined workflow with efficient online booking

Let your team members easily book appointments or reservations for customers without having to juggle multiple calendars or spreadsheets. An automated booking process helps your team to handle a higher volume of bookings, increasing productivity as agents book appointments more quickly.

Overall, a streamlined booking process can help your contact center to reduce errors and delays, increase productivity, provide a more personalized experience for customers, and offer real-time availability.

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The power of collaboration for big teams

For a big team of agents, Calendsa is an essential tool for efficient appointment management. With a large team, it can be challenging to ensure that everyone is working together seamlessly. An online booking software can help streamline the booking process and ensure that everyone is working from the same calendar and booking system.

Overall, it’s an invaluable tool for managing a big team of agents and ensuring that everyone is working together towards a common goal.

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Unlocked insights with reporting and analytics

Track and analyze booking trends and customer behavior to gain valuable insights into the performance of your booking system. Identify peak booking times and optimize teaming levels to meet demand, spot patterns in customer behavior, such as frequently booked services or preferred booking channels to tailor your services.

Additionally, monitor team performance by tracking metrics such as booking volume, average handling time, and booking completion rate to identify areas where agents may need additional training or support.

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