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Grace Lehmann


“Patients now easily book appointments online, reducing wait times and ensuring a more organized flow in our reception area. It has really streamlined our check-in process.”


Sophia Poliarnaya

Vaccination Clinic Coordinator

“Simple and efficient, Calendsa allows us to manage large-scale vaccine appointments and track vaccine distribution, also providing insights into vaccination trends.”


Zoe Nielsen

Vaccine Center Coordinator

“Automated reminders and follow-up messages contribute to a much smoother vaccination process, enhancing our center’s efficiency.”


Aisha Davis


“Efficient appointment scheduling is crucial for the smooth operation of our hospital, and Calendsa allows us to easily manage appointments for various departments.”


Marie Jones

Healthcare Provider

“The software is stable and smooth. We embedded the code in our website so our clients can book online with few clicks and it looks like it’s always been there.”

Perfect prescription:
comfy online booking

Offer a comfortable and convenient booking experience for your clients. With just a few clicks, patients can easily schedule their appointments from the comfort of their own home or on-the-go. This eliminates the need for patients to wait on hold for a long time or take time off work to schedule their appointments in person.

The user-friendly interface of the software also ensures that clients can easily navigate the booking process and select their preferred date and time. This results in higher patient satisfaction and increased loyalty to the clinic or doctor.

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Panacea: storing customer information

Store customer information including chronic disease history, medication lists, appointment history, allergies and more. By having this information readily available, doctors and clinics can ensure that patients receive the correct medication and dosage, and avoid any negative drug interactions.

In addition, it creates a comprehensive customer database that can be used to analyze patient demographics, identify trends, and develop targeted marketing campaigns.

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Covid-19 testing and vaccinations

Calendsa helps your clinic and doctors manage their vaccination and testing bookings more effectively. During times of high demand, such as during a flu season or a pandemic, your patients can select their preferred time slot, and the software can automatically manage appointment confirmations and reminders. This results in a more efficient and organized vaccination process, and reduces the risk of double-bookings or appointment conflicts.

Additionally, the software can store vaccination records, making it easy for doctors and patients to access this information in the future.

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