Send automatic notifications

Create custom templates for automatic email & sms notifications for your customers.

No credit card required.

No time or user limit on free plan.

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Be on the same “booking” page with clients

Have full control over when and how you send notifications to your customers. Whether it's a gentle nudge a day before or a friendly follow-up a few hours later, you can fine-tune the timing to meet your specific needs. Besides, take advantage of the flexibility to customize both email and text templates.

Craft messages that align with your brand voice and provide all the necessary information your clients need. From including appointment details to adding personalized greetings, you can create notifications that reflect your professionalism and attention to detail.

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Boost your team’s productivity

Everyone involved in the appointment process stays informed and coordinated, not only your clients. Whether it's notifying your team about new bookings, changes in schedules, or cancellations, our system ensures that every team member is alerted.

By keeping everyone in the loop, you foster a collaborative environment and enable effective teamwork, while minimizing any miscommunication. Everyone stays informed, synchronized, and ready to provide exceptional service to your customers.

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Scheduling made simple

Get started with the premier scheduling platform in seconds – for free.