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Fill up your classes and group events by setting the maximum number of attendees.

No credit card required.

No time or user limit on free plan.

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Coordinate group sessions with few clicks

With Calendsa you can manage not only 1:1 appointments, but also classes, group events, lectures and seminars etc. To set a group session all you have to do is create an appointment, add it’s duration, set a price, select a team member to host this event and select the maximum number of attendees for your class. Yes, it’s that simple!

Now customers will be able to book a seat through your booking page and you will get notified when a new participant joins your event.

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Online events from any place in the world

Open a whole world of possibilities by integrating virtual group classes into your offerings. Whether you're a fitness studio, educational institution, or professional training provider, zoom classes allow you to overcome geographical barriers and reach a wider audience.

Just create an appointment and toggle the “Add zoom meeting link” switch. We will automatically send a zoom link to your customer and assigned team member.

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Scheduling made simple

Get started with the premier scheduling platform in seconds – for free.