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Conner Irwin

Personal coach

“I’m always at the gym and with Calendsa I can let my clients book me online for any time of the day.”


Muhammad Welsh


“Our fitness center's growth is partly thanks to this software. Especially the waitlist feature has helped us maximize class attendance a lot.”


Jada Alexander

Yoga Instructor

“Yoga classes require a calm and organized environment, and this software provides just that. It simplifies booking and reduces admin work a lot. I just set up the maximum amount of students per class and wait.”


Seth Spencer

Personal coach

“My priority is my clients and with Calendsa I can focus on their gym goals, while software handles the scheduling and reminders.”


Angela Burch

Yoga Instructor

“Calendsa is a blessing for yoga instructors. It's so easy to use and it helps me stay connected to my class schedule.”

Let us do the heavy lifting for you

Get rid of needless manual work and stop constantly checking the calendars. Let Calendsa do the job and enable online booking to make it easier for your clients to find available slots and make a reservation without having to call or message you.

With the ability to manage all the appointments in one place, you can focus on delivering top-notch workout sessions rather than spending time on administrative tasks. This will increase client satisfaction and retain more customers in the long run.

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Consistency is a key to gym success

Automate the process of signing up for a membership and make it easier for your clients to manage their subscriptions. This not only saves time for everyone, but also reduces the risk of errors and confusion.

In addition, the software can track billings and provide reports on membership usage and revenue. This information can be used to optimize pricing and package offerings to maximize profitability.


Flex your style muscles with a booking page

Establish the studio's or your personal unique brand identity and differentiate from competitors. By using your own logo and colors, the booking page becomes an extension of your brand, creating a consistent and memorable customer experience. Upload photos of the gym space or facilities, equipment, and past workouts to provide a visual representation of your services and attract more customers.

This can increase the perceived value of your studio or individual trainer's services, making it easier to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

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