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Studio rental - Room #2

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Francesca Miller

Dance Studio Owner

“It’s so helpful! I have 4 dance rooms in my studio and it’s so easy to rent it out. I just upload pictures and the software manages all the scheduling so it doesn’t overlap.”


Naomi Yujiro

Dance Teacher

“I use it not only for group classes, but also for individual ones. I set the buffer time so I have time to rest between dancing. Great tool!”


Amy O'Sullivan


“Definitely simplified my job as a receptionist. You can set the max amount of students per group and don’t have to care about payments so much. It just does all the work for me!”


Rehan Gallegos

Dance Studio Owner

“Helps a lot with renting out my dance studio space.”


Daria Novik

Dance Studio Owner

“Managing a dance studio can be complex, but Calendsa has streamlined our class scheduling, reduced administrative work, and improved our overall efficiency.”


Ricardo Lin

Dance Teacher

“It's efficient and provides insights into class attendance. Our students and parents love the convenience of online booking.”

Relevé your studio’s success with Calendsa

Upload pictures of your dance space and showcase its unique features, such as high ceilings, professional dance floors, aesthetic lights, and state-of-the-art sound systems, which can help set the studio apart from others not only for potential students, but also for dancers who wants to rent your studio.

By having these pictures on your booking page, potential renters and students can get a better idea of the space before booking, making the rental process more efficient and streamlined.

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Step up the branding with booking page

Design and customize the booking page in your brand color scheme and add studio’s logo to create a cohesive, professional look and feel, which positively impacts the customer's perception of your studio.

This customization not only makes the booking process more visually appealing, but it also helps to reinforce the studio's brand identity.

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Management is always
“en pointe”

Keep track of which classes and events are taking place in your studio, and when the space is available for rental to optimize the studio's use of space and resources, ensuring that it’s running as efficiently as possible. Additionally, automatic reminders and notifications, such as class start times and rental due dates, help reduce the chance of double-booking and ensure that the studio is always fully utilized.

You can also increase the speed and accuracy of billing for classes and studio rentals with online booking system.

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