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Hair salons using Calendsa


Juliette Horton

Hair Salon Owner

“Our salon has been using calendsa for over a year, and it has transformed our scheduling. It's user-friendly, and our clients love how easy it is to book appointments. Love it!”


Marisol Fonseca


“Our income has skyrocketed since we adopted online booking. The reporting tools are excellent for tracking performance, and the support team is responsive and helpful.”


Aurora Bennett

Hair Stylist

“I'm working in two salons, and only one of them is using Calendsa. I tell you, it’s much more comfortable when everything is organized automatically.”


Aimee Medina

Hair Stylist

“Made my job much more manageable. It's intuitive, and I sent the link to my homepage, so I can check my schedule on the go.”


Elisabeth Carr


“As a receptionist, it’s a game-changer. It's incredibly efficient and it's so easy to manage multiple stylists' schedules.”


Amanda Stewart


“I can't imagine managing our salon without Calendsa anymore. It's a breeze to use, and the waitlist feature comes in handy when we have cancellations.”

Everyone likes effortless scheduling

Benefit from flexibility while managing the salon's schedule. Your clients can book appointments without the need for phone calls or walk-ins, which saves time and reduces the risk of double-booking.

The online booking system enables the clients to see the availability of the stylists and schedule the appointment at their preferred time, which noticeably increases customer satisfaction.

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Let Calendsa do the talking

Improve the communication between the customers and team members by enabling the automatic notifications feature. This includes appointment reminders, confirmation, rescheduling and cancellation, which can reduce the risk of no-shows and ensure that the salon runs smoothly.

Ensure all the customers remember their appointments and team can plan the schedule accordingly.

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Show them that you care

One of the key advantages you get with using online booking software is the ability to store and access customer information. Personalize your services by recording the customer's hair type, preferred product brand names and hairstyles, which can improve customer retention and increase loyalty.

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