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Riley Clark

Real Estate Agent

“Prospective buyers can easily book a tour at their convenience, and I receive instant notifications. Calendsa has never let me down.”


Daria Romanenko

Real Estate Agent

“From scheduling project updates with stakeholders to coordinating site visits with potential investors, the software has streamlined our communication and planning. It ensures that everyone involved in the development process is aligned and informed.”


Hugo Schmidt

Property Manager

“Managing home showings and tenant appointments has become incredibly efficient. The system allows to coordinate maintenance visits, inspections, and showings seamlessly.”


David Richter

Real Estate Agent

“The ability to set specific viewing windows and integrate with property databases ensures that our clients have a seamless experience. The feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive, which is a major plus.”


Alexei Antonov

Real Estate Brokerage

“As a real estate brokerage, Calendsa has brought a new level of organization to our team. Coordinating meetings, training sessions, and property tours is now a smooth process. And the shared calendar feature ensures that everyone is aware of each other's availability.”

Open the doors to easy online booking

Offer your clients a convenient and efficient way of booking viewings, consultations, and appointments with agents without having to visit your physical location or call in, saving valuable time and effort. With Calendsa, your clients can quickly browse available properties, choose the ones they're interested in, and book viewings that fit their schedules.

The software automates the booking process, eliminating the need for agents to manage bookings manually, which can be tedious and time-consuming.

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Reduce no-shows with automated notifications

Send your clients automated notifications, such as booking confirmations, appointment reminders, follow-up messages, and other important updates. Customize them to ensure that the information provided is relevant and useful.

By customizing notifications, your agency can create a more engaging and personalized experience for clients, enhancing their relationship with the agency and fostering greater loyalty and retention rates.

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Close the deals without unexpected problems

Streamline your scheduling process, reducing double-bookings, and avoiding appointment conflicts by using online booking software. It automates the scheduling process, removing the need for your employees to constantly check their calendars as your team members can easily coordinate them online.

Agents can view and manage their schedules from anywhere, which means they can work remotely or on-the-go. This flexibility is especially valuable for agents who need to meet with clients at different locations or who have a busy travel schedule.

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