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How to encourage clients to book online


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How to encourage clients to book online

Online self-booking has already become an undeniable game-changer for service businesses. In fact, you also decided (or are deciding) to use Calendsa to save time, money, allow bookings at any moment, and not have to engage in endless chatting to secure an appointment. However, “one cannot fight single” and if your clients are not ready to catch up with you, it’s probably not as beneficial for your business. In this article we will walk you through the process of engaging your clients in online self-booking the easiest.

Make self-booking attractive
There’s no need to “sell” the concept of online self-booking in today's dynamic world where social behaviors are evolving. Factors such as busier lifestyles, the expansive service market, and changing generational communication habits naturally make online service booking increasingly appealing to customers. However, an unattractive, incoherent, or disjointed booking process can diminish the likelihood of adoption. That's why we recommend following these tips to seamlessly incorporate an online booking system that your clients will find both attractive and user-friendly.

  • ✓ Clear descriptions - Offering detailed information on your services, products, and business practices minimizes pre-booking queries. Utilize your booking website to communicate essential details about your business, values, services, and products. Create additional product pages to highlight ingredients, potential allergens, and ethical considerations, such as animal testing. Enhance client engagement with an "About Us" page sharing your business background and origin story.
  • ✓ Add contact option – Likely, some people will still want to ask questions, so make sure there’s an intuitive way to contact your business and that you check messages regularly.
  • ✓ Direct calls to online booking – Update your voicemail for missed calls and direct them to your booking website. Tell them they can either book online or leave a message if they have any questions.
  • ✓ Include links in automated responses – Ensure that your automated responses, whether through emails or SMS, include direct links guiding recipients to your online booking page.
  • ✓ Add QR-code bookings – Enhance accessibility by placing a sign or door sticker with a QR code outside your business location, directing clients to your booking page. Even if they observe a full waiting area, they may not realize that someone is about to finish, leaving a slot available in the next 5-10 minutes. Your clients can book during this window, all within the convenience of their own time.
  • ✓ “Book Now” buttons in social media – Instagram and Facebook are primary platforms for showcasing comprehensive business information, encompassing details such as prices, team profiles, FAQs, and more. Utilize these social media channels to seamlessly link users to your booking system through a 'Book Me' button. Don’t forget to add online booking functionality to your Google Business listing to attract potential customers to book your services.
  • ✓ Make a tutorial – Demonstrate the simplicity of booking appointments by creating a brief tutorial on your social media profiles. Provide a step-by-step guide, ensuring your clients feel confident navigating the entire process.
  • ✓ Mobile Optimization – Ensure that your online booking platform is mobile-friendly, as many clients prefer to make reservations using their smartphones. A responsive design makes the process smoother and more accessible.
  • ✓ Incentives for Online Bookings – Lastly, encourage online bookings by offering exclusive discounts, promotions, or additional benefits for clients who choose the online self-booking option. This can act as a strong motivator for them to embrace the convenience.

Implementing online self-booking is meaningful only when fully optimizing its potential. Utilize the tips above, individually or collectively, to cultivate a preference for online bookings among your clients, enabling you to dedicate uninterrupted time to delivering exceptional service.

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